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Governor Dayton and legislative Democrats recently walked away from special session negotiations and agreements on tax relief and road and bridge investments over their insistence on a funding controversial Southwest Light Rail. The controversial project faces lawsuits set for jury trial in September 2017 and the federal government will not release its funding with the current litigation. Taxpayers statewide -- not just in the Metro -- will be forced to pay for ongoing operating costs and studies show the train will have little to no impact on travel times for drivers and commuters. Without SWLRT, the legislature could pass a number of bills immediately that benefit Minnesotans in communities statewide.

  • Tax Relief: Governor Dayton said he wouldn't hold the tax bill hostage and now he's breaking his word, blocking more than $800 million in tax cuts over the next three years, including over half a billion in ongoing and permanent tax relief for farmers, veterans, families, college graduates and small businesses. Despite earning 89 percent of the legislature and a $900 million surplus, Governor Dayton and Democrat will not send tax relief to middle-class Minnesotans. 
  • Roads & Bridges: More than $700 million in road and bridge funding, including key regional projects like Highway 14, Highway 23 and Highway 12 will be lost as a result of Democrats' insistence on funding SWLRT. 

It’s un-Minnesotan that Governor Dayton and Democrats are throwing away tax relief and safer roads that benefit many for a controversial project that only benefits a few—especially given that they planned on proceeding with the controversial train regardless of the legislative outcome. 

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