Control of the Minnesota House: The Republican pitch


Control of the Minnesota House: The Republican pitch

By House Republican Leader Kurt Daudt
As printed in the Star Tribune

For the first time in a generation, Democrats have complete control of state government in Minnesota. Gov. Mark Dayton and legislative Democrats have had the last two years to put in place their solutions to problems that face our state.

On the campaign trail two years ago, Democrats promised to lower property taxes, pay back the school shift and grow jobs in Minnesota.

Unfortunately, property tax levies in Minnesota are projected to rise by $238 million statewide in 2015. That’s a 92 percent gain over last year’s increase, according to a nonpartisan analysis done by House Research.

In 2013, Democrats raised taxes on hardworking Minnesotans by $2.1 billion, then they chose to spend that money. In their budget, they actually borrowed an additional $75 million from schools instead of keeping their promise and immediately paying back the shift Dayton approved after he forced a state government shutdown.

Last, the Bureau of Labor Statistics recently reported that Minnesota ranks worst in the Midwest for private-sector job growth, and the underemployment rate in Minnesota is at 53 percent, the highest rate since the state has tracked that statistic.

After two years with total control of state government, Democrats are 0 for 3.

So what did Democrats actually accomplish?

  • They increased taxes in 2013 by $2.1 billion to help pay for the largest spending increase in state history.
  • They chose to build a new $90 million office building for themselves that is simply not needed. In fact, with their grossly misplaced priorities, their new building costs more than they spent on all road and bridge bonding projects statewide.
  • They voted to force hardworking women who started child-care businesses in their own homes into joining a union. As a result, moms and dads who work outside the home to make ends meet will have to pay more for day care, taking more money out of their family budgets.
  • Finally, they brought Obamacare to Minnesota, drastically increasing the cost of health insurance coverage. And while Minnesotans were left stranded because of Democrats’ failed implementation of Obamacare, MNsure executives received thousands of dollars in taxpayer-funded bonuses.

Now, after two years of complete control of state government, Minnesota Democrats are attempting to make the case why they should be re-elected. I believe that Minnesotans should be able to trust their elected representatives, but frankly, the only things worse than Democrats’ actions are their words.

They’ve tried to convince you Obamacare is working in Minnesota and that their $90 million building is necessary. But in these last days before the election, they’ve started running from their record by misleading and even lying to Minnesotans. They’ve claimed the average health insurance premium increase was 4.5 percent through MNsure, masking the truth that Minnesotans will actually pay almost 42 percent more on average. Most shockingly, Democratic lawmakers have begun denying they voted for the new office building for politicians when in fact, they had — an outright lie.

Democrats had an unbelievable opportunity to help Minnesota, but they have let Minnesotans down. We can do better.

I believe that Minnesotans are best served when Republicans and Democrats have to come to the table and work together. Balance and compromise are healthy, but unfortunately neither exists in St. Paul right now.

Here’s the good news: Thoughtful, experienced leaders have stepped forward in your area to help restore balance and build on our positive vision for the state. A first-grade teacher from Albert Lea, an epidemiologist from Eagan and a small-business owner from Nisswa are among the many Republican candidates eager to represent their communities at the Capitol.

Republicans have a positive vision for Minnesota, and we will always put Minnesotans first.

  • We will prioritize funding for our roads and bridges so your commute is safer and faster.
  • We will fight to protect and improve our seniors’ quality of life.
  • We will grow Minnesota’s economy so you have more, better-paying job opportunities.
  • We will work to ensure our students have the best path to success and great teachers are supported.

You can restore balance in St. Paul this election. Entrust House Republicans with your vote on Tuesday and we will make you the priority at the Capitol.


State Rep. Kurt Daudt, R-Crown, is House minority leader.


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