Act as Check & Balance to Walz, Democrat Agenda

House Republicans are committed to holding Governor Walz and Democrats accountable for their radical tax and spend agenda, and being a voice for Minnesota families and taxpayers. During the last biennium, Democrats proposed $12 billion in new taxes over the next four years at a time when the state had a $1 billion budget surplus. The proposed taxes included a 70% gas tax increase, over $2 billion in new payroll taxes, and billions in other taxes that would have increased consumer prices, reduced wages, and made it difficult for hometown employers to invest in their employees and communities.

Fortunately House and Senate Republicans were able to successfully defeat the vast majority of these tax increases, but Democrats will be back this legislative session with a new round of extreme tax proposals that will take more money out of your paycheck and make your life more expensive.

Eliminate Wasteful Spending, Lower Health Care Costs

House Republicans have a proven track record of lowering health care costs. While Democrats brought Obamacare and MNsure to Minnesota, nearly destroying the individual marketplace in the process, House Republicans have worked hard to enact reforms that have directly lowered the cost of health care for Minnesotans and increased the number of health care plans in Minnesota.

For the third consecutive year, Republican-led reforms helped reduce or hold flat individual market health insurance rates after years of double-digit increases following the implementation of Obamacare in Minnesota. During the last legislative session, Democrats and Governor Walz fiercely opposed and criticized reinsurance before ultimately agreeing to continue this successful program.

Democrats continue to sit on their hands and refuse to hold hearings or address the rampant waste and mismanagement at the bloated Department of Human Services (DHS). Since the end of the 2019 legislative session in May, Minnesota taxpayers will be on the hook for at least $78.9 million in additional expenditures due to waste and mismanagement at DHS and that number only continues to climb. House Republicans have been calling for reforms at DHS for years and have been met by Democrat resistance every step of the way. Now that we have concrete numbers illustrating the amount of waste happening at DHS, it’s clear that something must be done to improve accountability at the state’s largest agency.

Republicans are taxpayers’ only advocate in St. Paul and are committed to rooting out waste, fraud, and abuse at DHS and across state government.

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