Act as Check & Balance to Dayton, Democrat Agenda

House Republicans stand united with hardworking Minnesota taxpayers. When Governor Mark Dayton and the 2013-14 Democrat Majority proposed billions in new taxes on Minnesotans, we fought back. While we were successful at defeating some tax increases like a new sales tax on clothing, Minnesota Democrats had complete control of state government.  In the end, they passed $2.1 billion in new taxes, including new taxes on warehousing and commercial equipment repair, without a single vote from House Republicans.

Now in the majority, House Republicans successful held spending to one of the lowest increases in 50 years and are fighting to protect taxpayers by holding off DFL attempts to increase the gas tax when the state has a surplus. 

House Republicans are the check and balance to Governor Dayton and Democrats' liberal agenda.

Eliminate Wasteful Spending, Lower Health Care Costs

House Republicans support efficient and effective government, not one that takes more of your money and wastes it. When Governor Dayton and the 2013-14 Democrat Majority implemented ObamaCare in Minnesota, also known as MNsure, we raised concerns about the consequences. Unfortunately, Minnesota Democrats ignored our concerns and not a single House Republican could vote in support of the final bill. The end result has been higher costs for health care, fewer choices in health care and less privacy for Minnesota consumers. Minnesota Democrats have spent over $400 million in taxpayer dollars so far on their health insurance exchange including bonuses for MNsure executives and health care costs have skyrocketed for middle-class Minnesotans.

House Republicans voted to repeal MNsure and reduce waste, fraud and abuse in Minnesota's public health programs. In addition, we pushed to cut the MNsure premium tax which would save taxpayers millions. 

House Republicans are working to eliminate wasteful spending on broken programs like MNsure and put Minnesota families needs' first.

Approach Government with Commonsense & Responsiblity

House Republicans are at the Capitol serving you. Unfortunately, Governor Dayton and the 2013-14 Democrat Majority put their self-interests and special interests before the best interests of Minnesotans. They supported giving themselves massive pay raises, building themselves brand new offices with panoramic views of the Capitol and giving massive payoffs to their political allies. For example, Minnesota Democrats passed legislation paving the way for the unionization of in-home, private childcare providers. Governor Dayton signed that bill into law, helping to take taxpayer dollars intended to help low-income, working families and redirecting it to union bosses.

The House Republican Majority froze pay increases for the governor's political appointees and voted to repeal child care unionization.

House Republicans are accountable to you, the hardworking Minnesota taxpayer.

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